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Quixel vs Substance

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Not trying to start anything here... just trying to decide which one should i focus on learning since my workflow is so dated that still includes traditional photoshop texturing.

Could anyone provide a comparative a list of pros and cons or provide some educated opinion so i can compare DDO to SP2? Thanks.

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using blender render.

Is this about the maximum depth that can be achieved by having a bump map from black to white and pumping the influence of normals in the texture to 5? Or is there some other way to get more depth?
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Maya 2017 update 4 is out. Who here usin? Who here piratin? Who here glad they have the best DCC?
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hi, how do you make this kind of material (floor) in 3ds max ? thnx

Daz3d General

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The good, the bad and the very ugly edition.
prior thread >>561539
Lazy pastebin update: never
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What makes blender a worse software that what the industry uses?

I've seen this everywhere here, but what does it mean?
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Blender Help Thread

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Stop using paid software

general or stupid questions thread

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previous one is saging
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