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FAQ & Contact

Frequently asked questions

Info is an unofficial archive of posts made on which are extremely volatile. 4tan is not affiliated with 4chan in any way. All posts and media served (with the exception of pages & posts on the /tan/ board) is stored in the exact manner as publicly available on 4chan.


The administration can be contacted: (listed from quickest to slowest response)

IRC: #4tan on

Email: [email protected]

Board: >>>/tan/

Note: Only Emails are private. Do not use the other contact methods for sensitive information, as they are public.

How do I get content removed from the archive?

We solely rely on user reports to keep this server clean. Please use the "Report" button next to posts that break any (or multiple) of the following rules:

  • Illegal picture/video

  • Linking to Illegal picture(s)/video(s)

  • Gore

  • Copyrighted picture/video

  • Linking to Copyrighted picture(s)/video(s)

  • Post/thread containing personal information

You must email DMCA documents to [email protected], regardless if the report too was used or not.

Other takedown requests can be sent to [email protected] in addition to being reported with the built in report feature.

How does this site work?

We utilize open-source software to power

Are there other archives?

Yes, please check out 4pleb's list of current archives.

-- This page was updated on Jan 22, 2017.