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Hey guys!

First time posting here, so I have no clue if it's appropriate or if I'll get trolled.

I just got out of my car and walked into Kroger. I felt something crawling on my leg under my shorts. I freaked out thinking it was a roach, and I furiously shook the creature out and saw that it was this spider.

Can anyone identify this type of spider? I don't think I was bitten, but it looks strange and uncommon to me (I live in southeast Georgia - US) and I'm a little worried there might be more in my car.
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The Plant General - Back To Normal Edition

Welcome to /plant/, the magical green place on this blue board.

/Plant/ is for the discussion of plants (obviously). Horticulturists, hobbyists and botanists welcome! Questions about plants? Want to show off your two inch dick-I mean plant? Maybe you want to start growing something new and exciting? Well come on over to /plant/!

ITT: continued adventures of the mysterious bird plant, sexy as fuck petunias and the usual glorious carnivorous stuff. Ignore our new deranged friend.

Introducing a new basic caresheet with every thread: Heliamphora edition:
>free-draining media, feel free to OD on live Sphagnum
>strong light - shits love getting a nice red tan
>high humidity (and some airflow)
>As with most montane tropicals, warm temperatures with a notable dip at night is necessary

For our carnivorous plant newbies:
Approved forums:

Good place(s) for newbie carnivorous plant growers:

Previous thread: >>2408411
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/birb/ general

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All things birds, from pets to wild birbs. Anyone have any good recommendations for bird watching apps?

>DIY bird cages

>Birb ID

>buy birbs

>Very basic pet birb care

Last but not least
>found baby bird, wat do?

>Discord link goes to #birb
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ITT: Dog General

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How well do rough collies fare in hotter climates? Is it a no go, or can they actually do okay? There's a high chance I'm going to be living in southern California for my work.

Also, dog general. Post dogs.
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Any other dog moms on here?
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Are sharks mean? why can't one be friends with a shark like they can with dogs/dolphins/polar bears etc
serious question, and do they have emotions like dogs do?
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Barn Cats

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So we are going to adopt a pair of cats to keep outside/in our garage for pest control. They will not be in the house, and they won't be 'pets' in the general sense, but basically strictly for pest control.

However, we aren't just going to throw them outside and not tend to them. I'm going to be caring for them for small wounds, only taking them to the vet if they have a serious injury, and providing wet food and clean water+warm/cool shelter.

The only thing that I am currently trying to figure out is a cheap flea and tick control for them. In the past, I have noticed that flea collars don't seem to really help (unless maybe I was getting a shitty brand?), and neither did the frontline drops.

What is a good flea control that I could find in any pet store, or farm supply store, and that is relatively cheap?
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Does /an/ approve of this meme?
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Cat General

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perro caca
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