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/alc/ al/ck/
alcohol thread
hows that depression treating you all
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It's up


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This is the Friday lunch thread and also a daily reminder that if food like this vegan black bean patty on home made whole wheat sour dough, topped with lightly dressed quinoa and Israeli couc cous pearls triggers you, you should see a therapist.

I'm sorry your parents didn't raise you right. I'm sorry you hate other people because they eat things you don't like. I hope you can find peace enough in your life to enjoy the human experience.

Post your lunches. Namaste!
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Explain this shit
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>muh minimalism
>there's too much food on the plate!! we can't let customers get their money worth!!!

this guy is the worst.
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What does michelin star food taste like? How does it compare to more expensive chain resturants like Olive garden, red lobster, ect? How does it compare to the typical foods we poor people eat?
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>can't have milk because of lactose intolerant
>can't have eggs because sensitive to dietary cholesterol

what should I eat for breakfast? having trouble getting enough protein
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Does anyone else here think curry of any kind is fucking disgusting?
The taste, smell and appearance is absolutely revolting.
I sold my condo last year because the smell of my Indian neighbor's cooking was permeating my place.
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>"Hey anon, mind getting me another cup of coffee?"
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>went vegan for a year
>saved so much money not buying meat and dairy
>learned how to make faux meat from grain that tastes awesome and even better. family loves it
>no longer have gyno or acne problems.

dairy and meat are jewish scams. unless you are white, calcium deficiency is a lie. you get enough calcium eating vegges and enough protein. milk leeches calcium from your bones because too much of a daily intake. white people are more prone to osteoporosis than anybody.
have fun trying to get rid of your gyno
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