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Fav image/feels thread #3

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This is the third edition of /cm/'s cherished feels thread: share cute boys and cry about your personal lives.

Slightly different agenda than last time:
>thing that relaxes you when feeling anxious/sad
>spill beans

And finally: not trying to pull safe-space bs here but please try and be nice. don't derail the thread too hard. some of you legitimately argued about abortion last time. we don't need that.
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Ambigous gay characters

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Characters that may or may not be gay, but we are not sure. Post also why

>No interest in girls whatsoever
>Blushes at Natori's naked body
>Blushes as Tanuma
>First season seem like a gay methapor
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Fuyuki Hinata(Sgt.Frog#1)

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>No Fuyuki Hinata/Sgt.Frog thread

Yuri!!! on Ice #43

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previous thread >>3107646
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The [email protected] SideM #5

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Happy New Year, [email protected] Edition.
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Seikaisuru Kado #3

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Previous thread
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Daily reminder, you're all faggots, your chance of hell is likely.

Fav image/feels thread #2

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And we're back to supplement all of your emotional breakdowns. This is a dedicated vent thread. Just like last time:

>favorite board
>spill beans/chat

This time though, since some stuff got out of hand, a couple of rules:

>avoid pointless arguments that make other people's problems feel invalidated
>be as accepting as possible
>keep a friendly atmosphere!
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Alright Boys, it's time to make cute bois again. Show us your taste in boytoys
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Dream Daddy

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Because there's already cute fanart for it.
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