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>Working out legs is a me-
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Will I ever make it?

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What "let" are you?
>tfw wristlet, dicklet
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ITT: /fitlit/ books
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Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh
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Embarrassing gym moments

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>Be me at 16
>First time in a gym,so think "fuck it,let's bench"
>Load up 95 lbs,press it for 5 reps
>load lmao1pl8 and struggle with 5 reps
>Ego takes over,load 155 lbs
>Press it twice,bar won't come up for 3rd rep
> Ohshitohshitohshit
>Proceeds to do the roll of shame
>Look around,and a qt3.14 saw the whole thing

So /fit,what embarrassing moments have you had at the gym?
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got poisoned by activated almonds

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so basically I was trying to maintain my gains with activated almonds. I bought 1kg of raw almonds and put them in apple vinegar for 5 days for activation process. After 5 days, they looked a bit yellowish but okay. So I ate 300gr, fainted in 2 hours, woke up in hospital. Thank god I live in EU so the hospital is free.

how do you correctly activate almonds?

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Sooo I don't get it? How are you supposed to talk to women on tinder??
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No muscles, no clothes, no surgery, nothing will give you those genes and that aesthetic.
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Why is the physique so damn important in society ?

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Im pretty sure it didnt use to be this way. I've gotten so much shit for being skinny all m'y life it's unreal. Its fucked me up a great deal. Why do people place so much value on appearance?
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