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How can I achieve the gradient-type effect in pic related?

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What does /gd/ think about Futur? Also /gd/ learning resources and inspiration thread I guess.
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When you add two waves that are equal except one has its polarity reversed with respect the other, you get silence. One cool practical use of this is getting the acapella of a song by using the original song and its polarity-reversed instrumental version.
Is there anything similar to this in the visual world? It'd be handy to get rid of, say, watermarks.

Internet meeting places for designers?

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What are some good & active design groups/forums on the internet for discussion amongst graphic designers or similar digital media people?

I know we are supposed to be all competitors and shit but I am eastern europoor anyway so I don't care to share my trade secrets to other westerners since they are far away from them, and in turn, I don't feel shame in adopting their advice either.

Pic semi related, recently tried photo manipulation thingy to explore into some of the styles I like in terms of design and try to recreate something with my own hands. You're welcome to critique it but it's not the main purpose of this thread.

I know it's a slow ass subboard compared to likes of /pol/ and /tv/ so I can reward at least one poster with doing a free photomanip request on photoshop (just don't ask too fancy, it's free after all) for effortposting.
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What's trendy right now? Other than fidget spinners
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how does this look? I'm not great at design but I fill this Is simple enough and fits the tone. any opinions?
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