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Times when /his/ and /x/ have crossed paths

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Post 'em
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How can the concept of hell be compatible with an omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient creator?
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Disregarding fantasy elements, what aspects of ASOIAF are unrealistic?
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Why is it that Islam never spread to places like China or Brazil? Islam has a reputation for appealing to low income/poverty stricken/unintelligible masses of people so naturally you would think that India, China, South America, etc... would have at least some pockets of Muslims but they don't.
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Welsh nationalism?

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Talking to a Welsh nationalist for a film project, and he's been telling me a lot of stuff that sounds like revisionism. We were never really taught English history in American schools.

Is this true?

>What is now the UK used to be populated by native Britons, mostly pagan and rural
>Anglo-Saxons come in, conquer most of the land
>What is Wales now was the last stronghold for the native Britons
>Legends of King Arthur portray a Briton/Welshman fighting the Anglo Saxons, which is thy Welsh love their red dragon symbolism
>Welsh language is actually the remnants of the language spoken before conquest

I know it sounds like bullshit but it would be so cool if true.
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Does sacrificing an animal actually do anything?
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Why did Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs suddenly start slaughtering each other after centuries of peaceful coexistence?
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What if it turns out this is the correct religion? How would you react?
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Hey guys.

So I just finished my third year at uni (archaeology and classical studies) and I have a fuck ton of PDFs hanging around, and I figured I'd like to share them with my favorite historical shitposting forum. How do I do that?
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ITT: Catchphrases that reveal a weak argument

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