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early sexual experiences thread?
fooling around with friends stories, go!
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/mpg/ - Manspreading General

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Austin Mahone is so fucking hot
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pissing twinks

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twinks only.
bonus points for amateur and friends pissing together.
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foreplay and dry humping gifs

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steamy gifs like these
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Post sexy blond guys

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Let's see some bottoms with tears in their eyes.
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ITT sex stories where you actually felt loved/good/whole afterwards. I'll start.

>just got to college, first semester
>had a few discouraging hookups that were just embarrassing.
>kept getting really nervous/anxious and couldn't keep my dick up
>faceless anon hmu on grindr
>no pics, wants to meet, says he hasn't had sex in a year
>admit I'm sorta virgin-ish
>he comes over and I put on Nightmare Before Christmas
>actually super cute, just a few years older
>we start making out and he's moaning and pulling on my beard (i had let it growing a bit) and telling me how good of a kisser i am
>we cuddled and kissed and he kept telling me how amazing I smelled and how sexy i was and would rub my beard and say he was lucky to hookup with such a handsome guy
>i ask him to fuck me
>takes like a couple hours because I'm so tight, we're just sweating and making out and i love it
>he finally gets it in me and fucks me really gentle and tenderly
>finishes up, we shower together

He left. Tried to stay in contact briefly but it just didn't work out. I miss him sometimes because I felt just amazing and I'm glad my first anal was with someone so tender
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Daddy thread 25

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Famous daddy best daddy edition
Previous: >>1560484
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