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Why is it that most people that buy into Blanchard's typology seem to fall in the "agp" cluster and use Blanchard's ideas as justification for repressing / a means to delegitimize their "trans identity?"

Are there any other commonalities / traits shared by people that support Blanchard's outdated and regressive typology? (The typology also seems popular for obvious reasons among TERF's and people sympathetic towards TERF adjacent ideas.)
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>Transitioning made me happy in the sense that I felt I was changing parts of myself I didn’t like,
>but it made me even more obsessed with gender roles which were what I was supposed to be rejecting.

>I stopped taking the pills and stopped shaving. The doctor called once after I missed my next appointment, then never again. Then basically read nothing but radical feminist twitter for a while.

>What advice would you give to a young person considering transition?
>Do not do it. Hating your body is a part of having a body. You can either live with it or not. If you change it you’ll still hate it even if you can tolerate it.
>You’ll brainwash yourself if you haven’t let others yet. It’s a cult based on sexual fetishism and pseudoscience.
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/mascgen/ Film Edition

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What are your favourite films, /mascgen/?

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Rule #1. No tripfagging, no namefagging;
Rule #2. Section A - Don't respond to shit posters or namefags/tripfags;
Rule #3. Section B - Report shitposters;
Rule #4 - Fuck off to /pol/reddit with your politics.


>tiny chat:

> /fit/ sticky
> Husbando Mode Pastebin (mostly meant for Intermediate lifters)
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/mtfg/ - Transwomen General

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Man up you need to repress transitioning is bad for you. Please don't transition if you wait it will get better. You definitely wont kill yourself after you repress. I just want whats best for the white ra... I mean you. You need to stay strong and repress your emotions. Don't be a degenerate!
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Do trannies have a hard time accepting that someone likes them? The few trannies I've really liked and said things to, they flat out don't know how to respond, like I spoke another language or something. Gay guys and cis girls hit on me all of the time. I'm definitely a handsome guy and put in effort, so are trannies easily intimidated or do they just never get told they're pretty and be taken out and don't even know how to respond? Spaghetti has been spilled on me by every tranny I liked and said things to, same for twinks.

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I'm planning on coming out as trans today. What should I tell my parents exactly? Should I just straight up be like "I need to talk to you about something I hope you don't hate me but I'm transgender"? I know most of what I need to say I just don't know how I should go about starting the conversation.
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>be straight
>gf is preop trans
>penis still works
>rarely get her to cum from anal
>have to finish her off with my hands
>she then wanted blowjobs
> thanks
>huge fight, crying, screaming, throwing shit at me
>give in
>don't really like it but put up with it because I love her
>now she wants anal
>absolutely not
>another fight and hurr durr you don't really love me
>now she's giving me the silent treatment

Three things:
1. Any recommendations on how to get her to cum from anal so she doesn't need anything else to get off?
2. How the hell is her dick still working while on hormones? Is there a way to shrink them or her desire to get off?
3. If, and a big if, I agree to anal how do I prepare. Literally nothing has been in my butt.
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Gaygen - Canada Edition

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Whats your favorite part of Canada gays ? Ever visited ?

We also have a discord apparently

Join our cute little Discord @
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>how long on hormones
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