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>last 5 books you read
>other anons r8
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Trying to remember a word...

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I've looked through thesauruses, and dictionaries, but I can't seem to find it..
It's a word that begins with P and is said about someone who implies skill they don't have, or more than is actually there.
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Haruki Muracucki

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should i read murakami?
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How do i respond when my parents ask me "what is the point of reading all those books"? I always get btfo by just that one question /lit/, help out a bro here please
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Why are female writers so bland and unispired? Can women actually do ANYTHING better than men?
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can somebody explain what is cultural marxism?
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Welp, another binge on a Friday night, of ice cream pop corn, cola, and lots of chocolate. Normally I'd go outside and feel bad about life in public and, on Fridays and Saturdays, watch the Chads and Staceys on Shoreditch High Street live the life I missed out on, but I can't be bothered.

>aged 26
>never had female attention ever
>had no friends for years
>passionate about nothing
>default to being the ugly beta loser of every workplace I take part in, including my current one
>fully redpilled about the easiness of women's lives and their disgust of non-Chads, my bleak professional prospects due to not being a normie, th
>binge every single day on junk food and coffee to stop thinking about my life
>inb4 "just lift bro!", I squat 4 plate but it changed nothing

It feels like I need incredible willpower just to go to the store while every normie is plugged right in to the grid and can read every other normie's mind and is instantly accepted. It feels like society is one big propagandafest that you are relentlessly abused for not agreeing with ("Ignore the fact that women get 100 Tinder matches a day while non-Chad males get none!" "Read these long classic books or else you're dumb!") Life as an non-Chad male just involves being ground up by society.

When I was walking to the underground station from my office job near very famous landmarks, I saw a woman posing for a selfie in front of a famous building. She stopped posing for a second, saw me looking at her, and she had a not very pleased looking expression. Then she went back to posing for her selfie. This serves as a good metaphor for a lot of stuff I write about.

I counted my outlook calendar and saw that I've skipped about 9 social events since I started work in May. I ran out of things to say the one time I went to lunch with someone in my first week. They did as well and they were extroverted. It was what I always worried socialising would be like for me, only I felt crushing apathy instead of embarrassment