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High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

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In Ontario on some of our freeways we have what are called "HOV lanes" high occupancy vehicle lanes, which require vehicles to have multiple people in them to use. The idea is to encourage carpooling or at least reward carpooling. As you can see from the picture during rush hour the lanes carry much less traffic.

Now sure this has benefits and I take advantage of them when I can but wouldn't just widening the highway an extra lane help everybody?
Do they do something similar with highway lanes where you're from? Thoughts on it?
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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hope you guys dont care about a different art pic, just wanted a change (again)
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/PYBT/ - 'look ma, no paint' edition.
Old thread >>1077222 is dead

My 2007 Ironhorse SevenPoint.
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/upg/ - Urban Planning General

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High-Density Edition

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Girls & Bikes: Girls Who Actually Ride Bikes Edition

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1. NO tattoos.
2. NO hipster shit
3. NO heels
3. MINIMAL blatant model shit
Last one is full. Round 2...fight

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Is it a good idea too ask a girl too go on a bike ride with me?

Nothing to hard we will just go on a trail or something.

Will she think it's extremely boring?


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Post A Bike (Not Yours) Thead
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Why is Public Transportation so terrible in America?
Why will a city and its suburbs be governed by several different municipalities and councils, with no unified transit policy or system in sight instead each following their own little ideas in their little political fiefdom?

And where the hell is the HSR?
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I'm looking for a bike for my (tiny) GF so she can join me on weekend rides. Something reasonably quick/light so she enjoys herself, but cheap enough that it doesn't break the bank.

Thoughts on this Cannondale?

I'd need to swap the bars out for something with less drop...
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Bicycles being forced off roads?

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This is interesting. It seems that in Europe the companies developing self driving cars are attempting to keep bicycles off the roads because they aren't compatible with robotic cars. Who do you suppose will win in this fight--big multi-national companies or a bunch of poor tree hugging hippies?
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