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When did you realize you were bad at driving?
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>no reciprocating mechanisms
>no timing belts or chains
>barely any moving parts at all

What stops the 13B/20B from just revving up to 12000? 20000?

Is the transmission just not up to it?
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Any GM fangirls on /o/ right now? I want to bully you!
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Are there similar cars that are cheaper? I really want one but people are asking far more than they're worth for them. I really like the angular mid-80s Japanese hatchback with pop-ups aesthetic
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Was thinking of buying a new diesel car to replace my old corsa. Any recommendations? Would the ford focus be a good choice? Location: Germany, Budget: 20 to 25k

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Anyone else /sip/ and drive?
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>it's illegal to wash your car on your own property in America
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Yamaha still a shit edition

>Motorcycle Benchracing
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>Motorcycle Pics & Boring Webms
>Your bike a shit

Benchrace your buttocks:

>Benchrace your p-plate:

Benchrace your helmets:

Look at a map that never gets updated:

Noob? Git gud:
>>16832630 → #

Webms with sound:
>>>/wsg/1731263 #

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Parallel universe: >>>/a/158753632
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