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Reminder that is is
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Flat earth retards convince

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Give me undeniable proof that the earth is flat. Tell me why no one has fallen off the edge of the earth yet.
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Time to go out, get smashed with the lads and shag some proper fit birds edition

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>see girl on the bus
>Fall in love with her
>Imagine myself railing her missionary position and getting her pregnant
>My stop
>I only wear chinos
>Have to walk past everyone with an enormous, throbbing erection because I daydreamed about fucking some girl the whole ride
>This happens three or four times a week

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>actual women visit this board
>they actually come here exclusively to feed on vaginal anger and try to get in internet fights with neckbeards

Remind me again who's more pathetic.

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What stand-up comedians would you recommend? Is Carlin a meme?