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Cute face

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Topless big tits on the beach

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Bonus for amateurs
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Ai Shinozaki - 73

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LXXIII. Previous thread: >>17523438

Thanks to many great anons this thread has become a resource dump for much of Ai's model work.


A torrent (now updated to v.2) of my own folder including everything since 2010:

Here's a pastebin with mega links to the torrent:\WT0m0E7E

Alternatively, a kind anon posted a link to his server which hosts the entire torrent (old version only):


Here's a link to a google drive archive which includes almost all of her videos:

I have three videos that are not included in that archive (one has a folder, but the file is missing).
Mega links to two of them (shining-DV-12 and ENFD-5301), uploaded by yours truly:\#!elEgWYJY!X3LaWj061DKrO9BmegLvDCBcvwaBetwSXhIJR8kalBU\#!G4l3wARZ!g7JhSY2bSvolL9aINM1yzmpAjcMHJHYxMeG6yIrRkTQ

Here is a list of links to the third (LPBR-1012):\NyPFcYTR

READ THIS: I have mirrored the slash in the last three links as well as the torrent pastebin link. It's the only way I know of to get them past the spam filter.

Here is a pastebin with a list of links to magazine videos (behind the scenes of various photoshoots) I've been uploading upon request:\NQhwDfvu

I'll probably add more to this list in the future.

Also, if anyone is interested in her music, generous anons have provided links to this as well.

A collection of her work (including her latest album):\#F!yNMkgBYZ!iHs-SSL3_sIQGdR_KhCoVA
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The nerdy librarian type

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706 GA

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706 ga
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Iowa gets ROLL

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It's bein a bit scents we have seen any new Iowa wins... 712 raise up.. Don't be scared
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Redhead thread

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This look

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Dark hair, beautiful eyes (preferably green) (preferably tan)
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Tribal/Indigenous girls part 4

previous thread >>17511122
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