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Please take a second to glance at the FAQ (found on the home page). By using this site, you agree to reporting copyright infringing images & links as well as other illegal content that you may come across by using the site's built in Report function or by emailing [email protected] .

This board is for the discussion of or other 4chan related happenings only. Other posts will be removed.

Site wide searching is still being planned out.
Image hosting is also a work in progress, but thumbs of posts are being saved.
We are also importing the posts from many other 4chan archives. Expect those to begin to appear in a few months time.

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Is searching disabled

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Why no ghostposting? Just wondering.
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Reporting error

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I keep on getting an error when I try to report something "The security token was not found. Please try again."

Anyway I've been trying to report for obvious reasons.

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Will it ever be possible to search through the bans page, maybe limit it to certain bans or boards. Searching the OPs would be amazing as well.

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Desuarchive hasn't archived /qa/ since 3/2/2017. Can you start archiving images for /qa/ for now please?