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/lg/ - Lego General: Imminent Lawsuit edition

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Welcome to the Lego General; it's all fun and games until someone get a "Cease-and-Desist" letter.

Previously: >>6380116
Bonkle/CCBS Thread: >>6376861
Third-party/Bootleg Bricks: >>6365909

>LEGO General Discord server
>Flickr Group (Currently accepting Icon and Banner submissions)

Weekly Challenge (Starting 6/22):
>Build something based off one of Lego's original IPs.
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Glyos General

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Bio Mass- AD&D tribute
Battle Tribes- new parts & heads; sold out
Onell- Legos space tribute leftovers
Kabuto Mushi- Xray man tampos; new colors

>Onell Drop
June 29th, 9:30 PM EDT Medieval Madness- part of June fantasy month

>The Gendrones will make their return as we cross into the second half of the year. They're just busy preparing for the appearance of something long since since destroyed..."

>Ongoing Topics
Show off builds
Colors you want to see again
Is the Robo Force set Matt's magnum opus?

>Want to know more?
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Transformers General

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The Last Knight is upon us.
Wave One still swarms the shelves
Optimus Prime has returned in his Peterbilt form, more accurate than ever.

We are here, Waves 2 and 3, we are waiting.

Old - >>6385173
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Nintendo General: E3 amiibo extravaganza edition

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Recently Released:

Figma TP Link and Zelda
Nendoroid Metaknight
World of Nintendo 4" series 2-5 (Ice Mario, Bowser Jr, Star Power Mario, Lakitu, Inkling Girl)


World of Nintendo 2.5" series 2-6 (Dr. Mario, Red Bob-omb, Blue Baby Yoshi, Larry Koopa, Purple Squid)
Zelda series amiibo (MM Link, SS Link, TP Link)
Medicom UDF (TP Link, MM Link, ALBW Link)

Nendoroid BOTW Link
SHF Ash, Jessie and James
Smash series amiibo (Corrin, Cloud, Bayonetta)
Splatoon 2 series amiibo (Boy, Girl, Squid)
Pikmin amiibo

Revoltech Arthur
Metroid series amiibo (Samus, Metroid)

Mario series amiibo (Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Odssey Mario, Peach, Bowser)
Figma MP3 Samus

Nendoroid Lilie

Figma Red

Nendoroid Ash
FE series amiibo (Chrom, Tiki)
Zelda series amiibo (Daruk, Mipha, Revali, Urbosa)
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Welcome to the Gunpla/Plamo General

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For those unfamiliar, "Plamo" is a shortened form of "plastic model." If it's made of plastic, someone can probably help you here.

>"If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you're experienced, don't make the new people worry!"


IRC Channel

The guide:

And a handy guide to other types of plamo:
Some line art:

Old Thread: >>6376681
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G.I. Joe and 1:18 scale general

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Diorama and playsets edition.

Post your GI Joes, Acid Rain, Marauders, Boss Fight HACKS, Shodo, PTE, BBi, and compatible figures, vehicles and playsets.
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Pokemon Thread: Out of the Bag Edition

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Post your pokemon toys, talk about pokemon toys, watch figurefags and plushfags fight, etc

Merch News:

Previous thread

Lillie pre orders are up
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Neca General

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Previous: >>6358320
Did you know the queens can't stand up like this edition.

SDCC Exclusives: 80's TMNT set, TMNT-inspired Sewer Xenomorph (limited 2 per customer).
Out this month: Xeno Queen reissue, other crap.
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Transformers 3rd party general: AEC Edition

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old thread >>6370668

This guy and Thunder Erebus are dropping in August.
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/smg/ - Scale Model General

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Armor edition

Previous >>6364864

This thread is for the discussion of scale model kits.
-Post photos of your builds in progress and your finished builds
-Have your builds critiqued or critique others
-Discuss tips and techniques
-Ask for advice or give advice to others

Some helpful guides to get started:

Have a question about a kit? Check out: and look for the review section.
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