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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Old thread died so I'm starting a new one. I'll start by asking: what are some nice cities in Europe to spend some time in that WON'T be fully booked for July already? I've tried finding an apartment in some of the bigger cities in Europe (Budapest, Prague, London, etc.) and they're all booked for a large amount of days.

Any less known but equally beautiful cities that won't be booked to hell for July/August?
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Hello /trv/ friends

I'm making the trek through vietnam / thailand / australia soon. I will be traveling for at least a year or more.

I'm calling on the experience of all travel bros, please help and share your knowledge for the betterment of man everywhere.

I will be getting my vaccines in Thailand. Who here has experience? I have done the research of what I should be getting but in my home country (USA) I cannot be spending several thousands to get vaccines.

What vaccines have you gotten before? Did you get them abroad? What were some of the side effects? Did you get sick from the vaccines?

What do you wish you would have gotten or regret getting? I know the rabies vaccine is particularly expensive and grueling.

Any tips or experience would be appreciated. Thanks Bros
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So i'm actually living a deep depression and the only thing it makes me smiling is thinking about travelling. But this year the luck wasn't good with me, so i lost all the friends who wanted to come with me.. So now i'm alone. And my crazyness bring me to make a stupid walk: from Danzica (Poland) to Tallin (Estonia). The biggest problem is MOTHER RUSSIA, precisely the Kaliningrad's Oblast. I have to cross it but apperantly I "need" a paper to do it, it cost 70€ and least 3 days. Fuck it. I want to cross it near the see, but i'm afraid of Russian police... What /trv/ suggest me to do?

Oh did i mind the time? I want take the plane sunday and come back at 18th July, budget is 2300€ circa and I own a nice pair of foot which i will use during the walk.

funny airport logos whatever

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the exploits can be used on this thing
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Got $35k bonus and have 40 days of vacation time I need to burn through. Where would you go for 40 days and why?

I live in NYC, been everywhere in the US worth going.
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Anyone ever dump out cheap bottles of travel sized mouthwash and fill em with liquor to bring on a plane?

12 hour red eye to a time zone 12 hours ahead, I'm only getting through that with a stiff drink and a mid flight masturbatory session.
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I'm getting married in Copenhagen next month. I know that /trv/elers tend not to be regular tourists so I'm asking what you think is worth seeing and doing in the city?

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Has your nationality or race ever actually worked against you while traveling? I've been thinking about it recently and I have never experienced any harm due to being a white American yet people keep telling me that certain countries "hate Americans."

Pic is Russia, a country a lot of people have told me not to go to because they dislike Americans.
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I am already dreading winter.
I live in a van but have about ten grand to spend on a six month winter vacation to somewhere warm.
Drive the van to mexico or fly to someplace else?
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Is there anything to do in Iceland besides nature stuff?

I don't have a problem with that if not because I love the outdoors, I'm just curious about what the locals do--I can't imagine the locals go out to stare at glaciers every weekend, majestic as they may be.
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