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SpongeBob SquarePants Online

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Spongebob + Reef Blower is fucking broken. My whole squad was wiped out by 3 low level SpongeBobs with Reef Blowers. Is there any fucking counter to this bullshit?
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Find a flaw
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You know Futaba is probably one of those girls who is obsessed with fucked up sexual fantasies from spending so long on the internet right?

Think about it. It's like those nerdy girls who spent their whole lives online and when you talk to them you find out they're into rape and abuse and degradation and stuff.

Futaba's the same way. JAV will have warped her mind.
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If anyone was in the last Megaman Zero thread, i just finished Megaman Zero 4 and that ending, man... it was something.

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Where is the fucking game?It is the 23rd and i can't seem to find it.
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2D game > 3D game
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What are your favorite video games to play after consuming cannabis, /v/?
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>get a craving for some kotor 2
>install game
>start replaying
>spawn in kolto tank in peragus
>remember how long and tedious peragus is
>remember how long telos is
>game essentially has a 6 hour tutorial
Does anyone have a consular save file from Atris' fortress? I used to have one but lost it when upgraded computer.
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