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can someone edit this image to make the disc smaller, closer to the actual size of gamecube discs

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Is there a way to download music from a soundcloud profile?

Trying to get this.

Its like 14.00 USD for MP3 files. Maybe it was .Wav or .Flac, I would buy it.

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What's the movie they're watching on the right in this image?


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searching for an AMV where the camera goes from one eye into the othe, zooms from one into another.

(Pic not related)
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/r/ the comic where the guy is about to say something then somebody else says something I think and in the 3rd panel he's drinking with his head in his hands

Vote R for Russian Vote D for Democracy

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Can anyone make a better image of this idea?
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Alright, so I have been checking my PC because it gave off a smell of burning circuitry and have found picrelated in the power block.
What is this and what do

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Gimme confused anime reactions like this pic please and thank you
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